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Dance International

"Inspired by Pavlova: Malvina Hoffman’s Bacchanale frieze" | Article
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Podcast: Author Expert Wire

"Forgotten 20th Century Shero" | Podcast
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Podcast: Feminine Roadmap

Gina from the Feminine Roadmap Interviews Didi about Malvina Hoffman | Podcast

Delta Magazine

Interview with writer Hank Burdine | Feature article, regional publication
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WFSU Public Media

Interview with Tom Flanigan of WFSU,  Tallahassee's NPR station | Radio Interview
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JUNE 5, 2018
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Featured article | WDRB Digital Publication

Talk Back Missoula

VIBE Guests Carlton Wilborn, Didi Hoffman, and Gregor Hatala | Radio Interview
Video Courtesy of 101.5 FM,
JANUARY 12, 2017

VIBE USA 2017 Lecture

The Art of Diplomacy: The Fine Art of Malvina Hoffman | Video Lecture
Video Courtesy of Missoula Community Access Television (MCAT)
JANUARY 12, 2017

Happy Birthday, Malvina Hoffman!

Born June 15, 1885

Sculptor Malvina Hoffman - America's Rodin

Please enjoy this short video about Malvina Hoffman
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