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Upcoming Events

February 9th 2021


12:30 – 13:30 EST


The Public Statues and Sculpture Association (PSSA) encourages engagement with the many thousands of sculptures in the public domain across the UK, which represent an important part of our shared cultural heritage.



Online Talks: Discovering Women Sculptors

We are pleased to announce two series of online talks ‘Discovering Women Sculptors from the 17th century to the present day’. Generations of women sculptors are gradually being rediscovered and acknowledged. This talented international sisterhood, many of whom have been forgotten, have skilfully practised sculpture through the centuries. Often determined, strong and resilient, they have literally left their chisel marks and fingerprints alongside those of men on the history of sculpture.

In these two exciting series of online talks, experts in the field rediscover these women sculptors from past centuries helping to lift them from obscurity to reveal their life and work, and converse with living artists to explore the challenges facing female sculptors today.




The Hall of Mankind

Malvina was awarded the largest bronze commission in the history of art and paid more than any other artist, man or woman in  1930 ($1.4 Million in today's dollars). To produce the Hall of Mankind, Malvina traveled the world, living among native cultures in order to create sculptures that come to life, giving us a glimpse of the rare people she studied. Her work, now displayed in the Field Museum in Chicago, is of historic significance to the anthropological and art community, because of the  cultures she recorded before their demise. This lecture explores Malvina's seminal work as well as issues of racism, stereotyping and the artist's role in faithfully recording native cultures from an artist's perspective. 




This lecture explores Malvina's significance as a woman in the arts, her contributions, impact and legacy. It also explores the complex relationships and friendships she maintained with leading women of time, including her muse, friend and business associate - ballerina Anna Pavlova. Of particular note is the 26-panel bas relief plaster frieze of the Bacchanale created over 15 years with Anna Pavlova.  It is a true masterpiece and has only seen twice in public.   The two friends were fearless in their art and their business; both owning their own businesses before women had the right to vote. Malvina and Pavlova collaborated to market their work to increase sales and box office receipts.



Malvina & Rodin

Often called "America's Rodin," Malvina was a celebrated   protégé   of the Father of Modern Sculpture. This lecture explores Malvina's relationship  with the Master and explores many of the lessons he taught her as his legacy.  She was instrumental in helping him catalog his lifetime of work for the future  Musée Rodin.  She later was asked to install his works there after his death.  He inspired and confided in Malvina and his stories reflect a man in search of perfection in the truth of art. 
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