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Didi Hoffman, Pictured seven years old in front of Rodin's "Eve" 

About Didi

Diane (Didi) Arbib Hoffman grew up in South Florida and throughout her childhood was surrounded by art, music and ballet. Hoffman enjoyed writing since she was a young girl. She focused on journalism in high school and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Florida. She later earned her Master in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. Hoffman’s early career focused in marketing. She worked over the years representing other companies and used her communications skills for promotion of the different entities. 


In 1992 Hoffman moved into the interior design field where she later became the concierge service for the Philadelphia Marketplace Design Center. This love of interiors inspired her to create several retail interior design stores over the years. Again, she focused her writing and marketing skills in promotion of the interior design trade. Her passion for design, art and writing intersected when her husband Charles L. Hoffman III introduced her to the incredible stories of his great aunt, sculptor Malvina Hoffman in 2008.

 Hoffman was intrigued by the visionary work of this early 20th century hero. Inspired, Hoffman explored Malvina Hoffman’s life and found a story she knew must be told. Malvina Hoffman broke every glass ceiling in the early 20th century, was friends and studied with Auguste Rodin, and was best friends and collaborated in business with ballerina Anna Pavlova. She was awarded the largest commission in the history of bronze art and paid more than any man or woman ever. She travelled around globe to complete the commission and was followed by the press because of the incredible journey. Malvina Hoffman earned a front-page obituary in The New York Times when she died in 1966, but now is all but forgotten.

Today, Hoffman offers lectures based on her travels, research, personal collection and intimate association with the artist's life. Her biography Beautiful Bodies, The Adventures of Malvina Hoffman is awaiting publication.

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